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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wedding season is here!

My first wedding of 2013 is today. Congratulations to Scott and Kayla I hope you have a fantastic day. The music is prepared, the backup is ready, and it's not raining. I'm always apprehensive about weddings and the responsibility I have to ensure a brilliant and memorable night is always there even after years of DJ'ing at these events. I always want it to be the best I can possibly make it hence the hours of preparation. Ever wondered why wedding DJ's are expensive? Well some of us spend hours before the event planning the music, liasing with the bride and groom, making sure all the music is available to be played on a secondary device in case of laptop failure, oh and it takes me an hour to do my hair! (actually that bit's not true).

Get in contact if you're looking for a DJ that will go the extra mile for your wedding . I'm almost fully booked for weddings this year unless you're getting married in Nov / Dec, but there's always next year...

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