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Monday, 8 August 2011

VW Whitenoise 2011

Man did I have fun dj'ing in the house tent with Rod G Friday and Saturday. It went off both nights with a bang. Really, the tent was heaving and rocking both nights. As some of you already know, House music is my love so events like this are a matter of passion rather than fiance. Compared to the mobile disco gigs I do, the money is pretty poor, but it's worth doing as I get to play the music I'm passionate about. Checkout the frontage we had for the dj stand...

Saturday night got pretty mental as members of the crowd decided it would be a good idea to scale the central pole of the marquee. This rapidly turned into a game of one up-manship which was finally stopped after this incident (yes the guy at the top of the pole is naked!)...

You can checkout some videos of the House tent at my youtube channel

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