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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wedding disco last song Fugees - Killing me softly!

A wedding I did in Horningsea in a marquee on the green. It really went off and after 30 minutes of 'one more tune' I eventually finished with The Fugees - Killing me softly. Not the most obvious choice to finish a wedding reception. Did it work...well..the video speaks for itself!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Wedding reception - The Anchor, Lt Downham

I was fortunate to be booked for the first wedding to be held at The Anchor in Little Downham a few weeks ago. The venue is a bar/restaurant with a new function room added to the rear. It's not particularly big but if you're having a smaller wedding and looking for a decent venue with friendly staff, great food, that won't break the bank then you couldn't go far wrong with The Anchor in Little Downham.

Due to the intimate size of the venue it's quite easy to get a good atmosphere going and it doesn't take many guests on the dancefloor to make a great party. I'm happy to say the night was a great success although I did feel sorry for the bride and groom who finished their day nursing a friend who had overdone it on the Sambuca. I don't think said friend will be touching that stuff again!

The staff enjoyed themselves too and have already recommended me for their next wedding on 3rd May. Can't wait.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Wedding reception in Tempsford

Had a great time supplying the music for Claire and Ben's wedding in Tempsford. The ceremony was held in their local church which quite literally was at the bottom of their garden (makes sense seeing as they were having the rest of the proceedings in the Rectory grounds!). It was a marquee affair, and as you can see below, the deco was beautiful.

 I provided music outside for a champagne and oyster reception and also background music during the wedding breakfast. The garden was a reasonable size but was pleasantly surprised at just how good my JBL speakers were at covering the area with sound. Don't be deceived by the size of this speaker. It kicks out 1000watts of power with sound levels up to 135 db.

The evening went off with a bang, the dancefloor was packed and I thoroughly enjoyed playing to a great crowd. Here's a picture of my setup, taken just before the evening kicked off.
If you're looking for a high quality, friendly, yet professional service, feel free to get in touch (Simon: 07775 673185)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Wedding season is here!

My first wedding of 2013 is today. Congratulations to Scott and Kayla I hope you have a fantastic day. The music is prepared, the backup is ready, and it's not raining. I'm always apprehensive about weddings and the responsibility I have to ensure a brilliant and memorable night is always there even after years of DJ'ing at these events. I always want it to be the best I can possibly make it hence the hours of preparation. Ever wondered why wedding DJ's are expensive? Well some of us spend hours before the event planning the music, liasing with the bride and groom, making sure all the music is available to be played on a secondary device in case of laptop failure, oh and it takes me an hour to do my hair! (actually that bit's not true).

Get in contact if you're looking for a DJ that will go the extra mile for your wedding . I'm almost fully booked for weddings this year unless you're getting married in Nov / Dec, but there's always next year...

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

UV light party kids disco Cambridge

I hired some UV lights for a kids disco recently and was kindly sent this lovely picture of one of the Birthday girls. Thought I'd share it. From the same party, here's a picture of one of my beloved Acme Impossibled lights. 2 of these units really light a room with their moonflower effect.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Medals, glowsticks, and enough Haribos to sink a ship!

If you're thinking of having a children's disco party in the Cambridge area (including Ely, Cambridge, Newmarket, St Ives, St Neots, Soham), then look no further. Boogie Disco not only offers a vast array of games, competitions, and party dances, we now provide winners medals, high quality glowsticks, and Haribo's all in the price starting at £150 for a 2 hour kids disco.

Disco will never die, but I'm worried about the crowd!

Friday was a last minute call from Menzies Hotel in Bar Hill. Their entertainment for 3 coach loads from a leisure club wasn't going to show so could I stand in. No problem I thought. I had no idea what they meant by 'leisure club' until I turned up to find a hall full of 'very mature' adults with an average age of 80 all sitting down to dinner. Now I don't suffer from ageism but what the hell do you play this age group? I'm not generally known for my set of Waltzers!! On the plus side, they all truddled off on their frames and wheelchairs within an hour of finishing their meal so I packed up and came home. I've got to admit, the temptation to play Gangnam Style was almost overwhelming he he